Why Glasgow and why me? Because I grew up in the city. When you spend virtually all of your formative years in one place, a deep bond is established. My first home was a tenement flat on Prospecthill Road in Mount Florida within the sound of the “Hampden Roar”. I tasted the soil in the back green, made mud pies with my first girlfriend, and went guising at Halloween. I had my immunizations in Glasgow, went to school in Glasgow where I got belted countless times, was hospitalized in the city, played football and cricket, laughed, cried and fell in love in Glasgow. I walked and cycled for miles in and around the city, was enrolled in the Life Boys, the Boys’ Brigade and Sunday School, went camping, hill climbing and was out in all weathers from freezing fog to glorious summer days. I pushed my nose up against shop windows, was carried along by city centre crowds, rode in tramcars and trolleybuses and sailed “doon the watter”. I learned life saving with the Glasgow Police, attended college and university in Glasgow, and spent summers working for the Forestry Commission in the Western Highlands. All in all, I had a pretty good time (apart from hospital and the beltings).

This website is dedicated to my family who raised me in Glasgow; my parents T. Leslie Jones and Mary Jones, and my big brother Michael.

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